Exploring Factors that Enhance and restrict Women's Empowerment through Electrification (EFEWEE) - Scoping study report 2016.

Tanja Winther, Debajit Palit, Mini Govindan, Magi Matinga, Karina Standal, Kirsten Ulsrud, Anjali Saini, Henry Gichungi

The scoping study comprises a desk study of policies and the general literature on gender and electricity, and outlines the methodology to be used in the subsequent empirical research. The desk study is divided into two parts; the first consists of a policy review of how gender elements are integrated into electricity policies and practices, focusing primarily on the selected countries for empirical research, Kenya, India and Nepal, and also on the role of international actors and discourses. The second part reviews the general literature on the impact of electrification on women's empowerment and develops a framework for measuring empowerment in this realm. We also account for electricity’s effect on girls and boys in terms of study time and school enrolment.

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