Exploring Factors that Enhance and restrict WMEN'S Empowerment through Electrification

The overall research objective is to account for the various factors that enhance and restrict women's opportunities and empowerment through electrification, both as the users of electricity services and as involved actors in the provision of electricity.

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So what's the conclusion - does electricity influence gender relations?

09 January 2019 | by Tanja Winther

We in the EFEWEE team have now completed our study of electricity and gender relations in selected parts of rural Nepal, India and Kenya. The conclusion is mixed.

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Women's empowerment and electricity access: How do grid and off-grid systems enhance or restrict gender equality?

This report presents the results from a four-year independent research project exploring women's empowerment through electricity access, with particular attention to comparing the effects of electricity provided by the grid and off-grid systems.

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